Tulle Please!

Some of you who are on Pinterest or who follow the major fashion bloggers may have noticed this new trend of mid to maxi length tulle skirts. When they first began popping up everything girly inside me jumped for joy! But then my practical and realistic, technical side of my brain said, “hold on a minute…where on earth would you actually wear that?” Right?

As the trend has grown however (you can see Blair Eadie from Atlantic Pacific - my favorite fashion blogger - wearing two examples in the photos below) it has continued to grow on my realistic side of the brain too.



So what did I do? I requested one in my next Stitchfix box! Yep, that’s right! Haven’t heard of Stitchfix? It’s an awesome styling service that sends you 5 items after completing your own personalized style profile online. You can schedule your fix whenever you like or sign up for monthly fixes. I tend to schedule mine to signify special events (birthday, end of the semester, after finishing a grueling school project, etc.) and the styling fee is just $20 and it counts towards whatever you decide to purchase. Don’t like any of the items (happened to me my first fix..be SPECIFIC when completing your profile and request items you’re wanting)? Just send them all back in the pre-paid envelope. It’s as easy as that. You can use the following code to sign up: https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3060838


Anyways, I am hoping to try this trend out closer to spring. I grabbed these examples from Pinterest that mix casual denim and sweaters with the ultra feminine tulle. I am thinking a spring afternoon date or if all else fails, church. You can never be too over dressed for church in my book.



Comment below and let me know, what do you think of the new tulle skirt trend? Will you try it? I can’t wait to show you guys what’s in my next fix!


Camo & Pink

Last weekend the husband and I went out for a little while to grab a bite to eat and do a little shopping (that really turned into browsing) at our favorite store: Marshall’s. It has stuff for him, stuff for me, and stuff for our new home…all at a bargain price.

While we both found a few items we liked, the reality of being married and feeling like we should be pinching pennies took over and we soon realized we had no desire to start shopping again for ourselves, at least not just yet anyways. However, I am now kicking myself for one item that I did leave behind.

A beautiful, blush pink, 3/4 sleeve tunic blouse by Calvin Klein. At the time, the $35 price tag just wasn’t speaking to me. That was until I had this epiphany of what to pair it with: camo! It just came to me a day later, “that top would look great with my camo skinnies!”

So to Pinterest I went to see if I was crazy for wanting to pair the feminine blush pink tone with the masculine camo print. And of course, there are plenty of genius fashion bloggers out there who have already tried and conquered the look. Therefore, I must go back and hunt for that blouse and cross my fingers that it is still there!

Until then, here are some of my favorite pink and camo fashion pins. Hope you are inspired!

Snow Day 2014

Who Knew? Adults get snow days too! Well sorta…I think my husband and I brought the Kentucky winter weather with us to Raleigh!

During my 5 and a half years at the University of Kentucky, I remember two total snow (which really were ice) days. So far, at NCSU, I’ve already topped this number at 2 and a half days! Unfortunately that doesn’t mean snow cream and snow angels. For Travis it means working from home but for me it does mean more time to write papers, make homemade chocolate chips waffles, and do a little blogging!

Here is the view from our apartment balcony:

And here is the view from our kitchen:

I think homemade chocolate chip waffles, hashbrowns, and bacon make for a pretty good snow day brunch!

How is the weather where you are? Hope you are staying warm!

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